My Day at Nasscom Product Conclave 2013

The day I learnt what the startup world can do.

So it all started with my boss Soumitra Paul booking tickets for me to attend the NPC 2013 to get an idea of how the startup world works, it was on 28/Oct/2013, I went to the Vivanta by Taj, The place where the event was organized, as soon as I parked my vehicle I noticed so many people in their mid or late twenty’s waiting in the queue to get their lanyard in the entrance and soon as I stood in the queue the person behind me started socializing, this happened with every person I saw there, every person I saw and met there was a founder or key person to a startup.

Lanyard NPC2013

The first conference I attended there was “Growth Hacking Workshop” by Ravi Trivedi, an angel investor and founder of Srijin Capital, Where he spoke about the basic hacks of digital marketing like SEO, A/B testing and how to implement call to actions. During the event I met a 2 people one of whom was a developer at tally solutions and another was running a startup “Knowsure Technologies” which primarily develops knowledge base websites for schools and organizations, The conversation with this person was really enjoyable as he mentioned how stuff works in his company and how he came up with idea of this startup.

The second conference I attended was “Design Awesome Workshop” by Deepa Bachu, from Intuit Inc., We were split into groups and were asked to come up with a product idea which would require minimum sales pitch and go about asking the other groups to register and review our product, we came up with a Conference managing tool with some given assumptions, Once we had got an idea about how the product will work, we divided ourselves into small fragments and went around the conference hall asking people to register with our product and at the end of the workshop all the groups were given suggestions based on the people who liked the product and how the product actually was. This was great chance for all us to get in touch with many entrepreneurs and get their view about the product.

If the conference was one way of enjoying the event, the other was lunch, where I met three more people who also had a different thought and a nice approach to bring up their product.

The last workshop I attended was from Sunit Singh, The UI design guru from, The hall was actually overcrowded as a lot of people were looking forward to attend his workshop. During the workshop I met another Freelancer Manish Bagul, who shared with me a few examples of awesome UI design and what his approach to development was. In this workshop Sunit Singh showed us a Credit Card bill from the HDFC bank and we had to come up with ideas of how to present all the details the user would need and the possible ways of credit card bill bringing some profits to the bank. I was actually glad that Mr. Singh went about the hall meeting each and every individual, listen to their concept and gave them ideas of how else the statement would have looked better.

That is when I called it a day after attending three very interesting workshops and meet like a billion people with zillion ideas and improving my understanding levels by leaps and bounds.